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Rakset Sama’i



Composer Fernando Depiaggi

It is a Sama’i created for Dance, and for this reason it has many melodic and rhythmic details that allow it to inspire ideas to dance and choreograph it. This creation arises from my encounter with Dance, enriching and inspiring for my compositions.
It can be used for Group or individual Andalusi Dance. It has the Structure of a traditional Sama’i, (musical genre of the cultured music of the Middle East) but unlike these, Rakset Samaí is composed for Dance.
The structure of a Traditional Sama’i alternates its Hanaat (etrophs) and Taslim (refrains), in a specific order, which makes us recognize that it is a Sama’i.
Hanna 1 – Taslim. Hanna 2 – Taslim – Hanna 3 – Taslim – Hanna 4 (usually the rhythm changes here) – Final Tasilm


The musicians who have left their art and soul imprinted on this composition are

Delchad Ahmad: Violin
Montse Salma Vives: Violoncello
Azam Kirco: Kanún
Chelo Romero: Reqq
Fernando Depiaggi: Nay, Piano and Duff




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