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Narjess Bayati



Composer Fernando Depiaggi


“In honor of the great Master Abdesselam Naiti”
It is a Personalized composition dedicated to Dance Master Narjess Montasser. It is of the genus Rutina Oriental Corta.
On this occasion I wanted to incorporate it into this album for a very important reason for me, which is that the great teacher, Abdesselam Naiti, a friend, brother, partner and a great human being has collaborated in this composition. “Tito”, as we called him, he was going to record on this album, but it couldn’t be because he left us earlier than we expected and wished, and now he is teaching us from heaven. I did not want this Album to come out to La Luz without his masterful touch, so, here is this song with his personal stamp and his eternal companion, the Kanún. Originally there were no violins on this topic, but I have the enormous honor of having a great violinist and friend of my soul, Faisal Kourrich, a close friend of Abdesselam Naiti, who did not hesitate for a second to contribute his enormous musicality with his violin.
Infinite Thanks to Narjess Montasser for letting me include this, his custom theme, in Encounters.

The musicians who have left their art and soul imprinted on this composition are:

Abdesselam Naiti: Kanún
Faiçal Kourrich: Violins
Montse Salma Vives: Violoncello
Chelo Romero: Reqq
Francisco Tévar: Clarinet
Fernando Depiaggi: Nay, Darbuka, Doholla, Duff and Oriental Keyboard




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