Baladi Progressive – Slow – Rhythm & Melody


4-beat Baladi Rhythm Progression. It starts out soft, continues stronger and highly ornate, and ends with the appearance of the nay, who performs an awadi and continues with typical phrases of the genre Taqsim Baladi.



It is a 4-beat Baladi or Masmoudi Saghir rhythm intensity progression. It begins only with the rhythm, in a soft way and it gains in ornamentation, instruments and intensity, until the Nay appears to complement the work Melodia and Ritmo, the two elements of oriental music.The nay and percussion perform melodies typical of the Taqsim Baladi genre. There is a special awadi game to integrate into dance lessons.

Percussion Instruments

Darbuka, Duff, Doholla and Reqq

Melodic Instruments





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